Sports Event Engagement Solutions for Stadium-Sized Excitement

At GoKapture, we bring innovation to the field, boosting participants’ morale, enhancing fan experiences and feeding onlookers’ aspiration. Redesign your sports event engagement to dole out excitement to everyone present and make it a raging success. 

Do you own a sports academy, brand or sponsoring a sport events? GoKapture has products which will give you the right kind of engagement and social media reach which will make your event and promotion a huge success. 

Spirited audiences, happy participants: rethinking sports event engagement with GoKapture

From marathons celebrating a community’s spirit to charitable competitions organized for donating the proceeds, from nurturing kids’ holistic development in the shape of a sports day to catering to the lux ambiance of a golf club, we do it all. Whether you are an organizer, a co-presenter or a participating entity of any other nature, GoKapture’s arsenal of products and custom promotional tools makes sure you get it right. The following are some ways how: 

  • Social media integration: Give the invitees a taste of the competition by running online contests and create awareness through a Hashtag Campaign. Bring this energy over to the actual day of the event with a Hashtag Printer or a Social Wall installation to keep the audience busy posting and updating, driving digital engagement and enhancing visibility. 
  • Celebratory photobooths: Not only for commemorative pictures of winners, guests of honour and participants in the goold old-fashioned way, but capturing the joys of the onlookers has also become equally important. As a nod to their support and in a bid to create some authentic user-generated content, install a Strip Photo Booth or a Digital Caricature Booth that more than capturing valuable interactions, also generates photo prints for every user to take as souvenirs from the event. Alternatively, you may take a fun and fancy approach with a 360 Video Booth or a Slow Motion Booth to keep the crowd thoroughly entertained. Even a Bobblehead activity can be repurposed to combine with a fan merchandise booth. 
  • Fan engagement applications: Allow the audience to be more actively involved in the event by courting their response and feedback through an Event Engage Hub or a Digital Slingshot. Such setups also make for interactive, real-time displays that act as a digital scrapbook of the ongoing event. You may further unite the attendees by gathering them for cheers via the Excitometer, having them express their enthusiasm and support for competing team and individuals through a literal sonic measurement, or organize a quick quiz on sports trivia to indulge them in a game of their own. 
  • Live streaming: Look into the prospects of the event’s live streaming, particularly if there are multiple venues or segments happening in parallel. Besides erecting a large digital display for the same, you can also arrange for touchscreen kiosks to enable the audience to answer polls, see live stats and engage with the available information on their own terms. 
  • Interactive walls: Interactive display kiosks or walls come in many forms and sizes. They may be an artistic, gesture-controlled, responsive art installation, an AR Mindreader to function as a thought bubble or pop out inspirational messages, digital signages,etc.
  • Interactive games: During half-times, breaks and upon the culmination of the key events of the day, you can treat the attendees to various old-school arcade-style Digital Games or a novel VR gaming experience. Take the route of Internet of Things-powered games to warm them up and channel their excitement for their own enjoyment as well. 



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Our Trustworthy Track Record

From corporate events to world’s biggest conferences, to music festivals, to celebrity weddings and beyond.

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Our Trustworthy Track Record

From corporate events to world’s biggest conferences, to music festivals, to celebrity weddings and beyond.

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