Virtual Event Engagement Solutions for Unparalleled Online Experiences

Close the distance on virtual meet ups with GoKapture’s brilliant Virtual Event engagement solutions. Now you can invite an attendee from the remotest corner of the world, and bring together specialists from across the globe for dynamic, productive and enjoyable virtual gatherings. 

Online is O-some: Optimize your virtual events with GoKapture

Whether it is a semi-formal webinar or an extensive workshop, an exclusive-entry industry summit or a virtual exhibition or trade fair, irrespective of the nature and the scale of the event, the team at GoKapture is prepared to take up the challenge. 


    • Virtual product demos: Be it a virtual wedding expo or an auction, AR-powered trial experiences cut costs and effort immensely, while allowing the audience to make better-informed decisions. This lends credibility and builds loyalty. 
  • Encourage mutual exchange: Ensure that your e-meetups and webinars don’t end up looking like a one-man lecture show, and that everybody gets a chance to truly participate and communicate. 
  • Foster connections: Be it through enabled social media integration or in the form of fun games, interactive waiting lobby features etc., don’t let your virtual event be bereft of the networking possibilities of an in-person one. 
  • Explore virtual environments: Mixed reality elements can expand the show for every participant to experience it in the immediacy of their own surroundings. From virtual galleries to simulations, this can aid learning, understanding and ideation. 
  • Simplify access and understanding: Real-time captions and translations democratize discussions and allow for enhanced communication across regional and cultural differences. 


  • Interactive event photography: With AR Filters, AR Booths and Virtual Photo Booths, you can deliver to every participant a fun and interactive photo session. An AI Photobooth software can also help them connect online and express themselves creatively, thoroughly enjoying capturing memories from the event to keep. 
  • Virtual lobby: Right from the get-go, you can design for your attendees virtual networking opportunities with the help of an AR Invite, and extend it in the form of VR-based social hubs and waiting lobbies where they can explore the segments, check schedules, mingle and connect. 
  • Virtual try-on: Showcase your products and services with the look and feel of an in-store experience, albeit sans the hassle. 
  • Virtual tours and exhibits: Transport your viewers to distant locations, conceptual fantasy spaces, curated exhibitions and more with an immersive virtual tour experience. 
  • Collaborative whiteboards: Make discussions and presentations a genuine team effort with digital whiteboards, list agendas and talking points, add notes, etc. with ease over geographical divides. 
  • Gamification: Infuse some excitement into the event or keep the guests well-entertained through breaks and waiting periods with digital games and quizzes. 
  • Live streaming: Present to your viewership a holistic view of the occasion, with live streams of not only participatory sessions but other keynotes, prseentations, lamp lighting and other opening and closing ceremony features. 
  • Virtual assistants: AI Chatbots and virtual assistants are a great help in prompting responses, attending to the flood of queries, sign-ups and in ensuring an overall smooth event experience by providing relevant guides and other support. 
  • Real-time updates: An interactive display or web application-based setup can also allow you to dole out information more dynamically to the attendees. You can also make them more involved with an Event Engage Hub, create digital archives of the proceedings. As organizers, the same can provide input and insight to gauge interests and preferences that enable you to make smarter decisions going forward.  

Popular Products for Virtual Events


Virtual Event Video
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From corporate events to world’s biggest conferences, to music festivals, to celebrity weddings and beyond.

Virtual Event Photobooth

From corporate events to world’s biggest conferences, to music festivals, to celebrity weddings and beyond.

Popular products for Virtual Events

GIF Photo Booth
Bored with photos? let’s create fun GIFs and share it around. Our GIF Photo Booth click 4-5 photos of your guests and combine them to create a perfect GIF, with multiple filtering options.
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Virtual Photo Booth

A weblink which can be accessed anywhere on a mobile, laptop or tab in the world, to click, customize and share photos.
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Hashtag Campaign
Hashtag Campaigns can increase your brand reach and social media engagement instantly.
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Social Wall
Flaunt the social media engagment. Our Social Wall software captures Facebook Mentions, Instagram Hashtags & Twitter Hashtags to create a collage to showcase all the posts live on a digital screen.
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