Green Screen Photo Booth

The promise of a blank slate is thrilling, the possibilities endless, the horizons blurred. Pose from inside the Louvre or shoulder to shoulder with Ironman inside a green screen photo booth.


What is green screen photo booth?

People tend to be finicky, their fancies shifting and many. And, well, why should they have to compromise if there’s a way to have every one of their demands met? A green chroma photo booth is quite like a genie in a bottle, except more technologically advanced, and probably cooler too!

A photo booth and green screen rental, paired with your imagination, is the dream fantasy realising team, and that too, on a budget. Your guests simply have to stand in front of the green background and pose away for the picture (or even a video). Our green screen photo editor software then swiftly removes the screen from the clicked picture and replaces it with- well, you name it- that one scenic beach you cannot forget seeing on Instagram, a gorgeous sunset in which your favourite on-screen couple ride off, or a Pokemon!

The green screen or croma photo booth caters to variety and takes the stress off your back to stick to an exact theme, lending you much freedom in an affordable fashion. With the chroma photobooth, the world is your oyster.

Green Screen Photo Booth Benefits

Live background change
The green screen instant photo booth is a canvas each user can paint with colours of their personal fancy. The green screen photo editor allows for instant, live background changes from among a myriad options.
Instant & Quality Service
A green screen photo booth rental has lent itself to popular service, owing to its speedy functioning and DSLR camera quality output that wins hearts.
Fun & engagement
With the green chroma photobooth, you let your attendees take the stage, literally and figuratively. The possibilities of engaging them by stimulating their own imagination and promoting their own decisions for background changes create more meaningful organic marketing opportunities.

Rent Croma Booth for Events

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Green Screen Booth

The Green Screen Photo Booth is called so because it consists of a green backdrop, in front of which the users stand to get their pictures and videos clicked. The background is then changed accordingly by the software, replacing the green screen with the desired photo or video.
Research indicates that green is, almost universally, the least worn colour. Thus, minimising the chances of clashes, a green background is the default choice for the green screen booth.

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