Expert Experiential Marketing Solutions for Unforgettable Events​

GoKapture brings to you innovative, personalised experiential marketing solutions that are crafted with your particular audience in mind. Redefine event engagement and curate your brand identity with our arsenal of event technology. 

Experiential marketing solutions to tap the full potential of event engagement

Experiential marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating memorable and immersive experiences for consumers, with a goal of engaging the audience on a personal and emotional level. Also known as engagement marketing or event marketing, this course of designing event experiences focuses on allowing people to interact with a brand in a tangible way. The goal is not just enhancing sellability, but it goes beyond traditional advertising by providing real-world, hands-on experiences that leave a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of people.

    • Brand activation: Experiential marketing may be undertaken with the specific aim of boosting credibility and proving the advertising claims of a business. Personal interaction is key to creating favourable opinions and even ensuring further word-of-mouth marketing. A dynamic, customer-facing manner of introducing your brand speaks of boldness, ambition and transparency. 
  • Shaping brand identity: The span of engagement marketing activities, from in-store events to trade fairs, provides various avenues for a brand to shape and reshape their image. Through significant visual and aural cues, you can design a marketing campaign that reorients your business to cater to specific interest groups and is indicative of your mindfulness of contemporary trends, issues and global shifts. 
  • Cultivating customer loyalty: By expanding on the aims of the marketing strategy, one is able to focus on fostering deeper, authentic connections with people, understanding what matters to them and building on their hopes. By fostering conversations and meeting their consumers at their cultural landscape, businesses can come across as more human and relatable and forge an emotional connection as well. 
  • Attracting newer audiences: With multiple routes of engagement based on the principle of edutainment, experiential marketing campaigns mindfully designed have something to offer to all. Be it keeping the kids occupied through vibrant quiz and game kiosks on a Family Day celebration, or organizing an influencer-style meet-and-greet with celebs and leaders at a pop-up through AR Booths, the campaign is bound to resonate. 
  • Combating digital fatigue: Constant online prseences and communication can easily get overwhelming, with messages getting lost in the medium. Experiential marketing harnesses the elements of surprise and newness to dispel such inertia and propel the audience into action. 
  • Interactive technology: Designing your event around interactive elements, such as touchscreen kiosks, arcades, etc. exemplifies a people-centered approach and the importance you attach to their participation and enjoyment. These means can be utilised to make feedback and message collection fun, as with a Digital Slingshot or a Floating Message Wall
  • Fun photbooths: Everybody loves capturing memories of good times to look back on. Photobooths are customised entertainment channels that upscale the ambiance of the event venue and also produce branded takeaways and unique user-generated content. 
  • AR & VR experiences: From AR Photo Booths to Virtual gaming, these technological imports are made to enrich user interaction through their versatility, creativity and novelty of experience. Furthermore, you can create a strong promotional campaign through immersive storytelling and product demonstrations. 
  • Immersive installations: Apart from digital kiosks, interactive displays can take larger forms, such interactive projection mapping, immersion rooms, gesture-based art installations, etc. that feed the audience’s creativity and can communicate your brand’s message most effectively through multimedia storytelling that allows for longer retention. 
    • Gamified experiences: Branded marketing games work like magic in attracting varied audiences, inviting participation and transforming the energy of the occasion. They are most effective for lead generation, collecting insights and aiding positive event recall. You can opt for the good old Digital Touch Games that spark nostalgia and charm all age groups, or induce an adrenaline rush with IoT-based gaming.
  • Social media integration: Take your event online and make connections that last much longer than the duration of the event. Install a Hashtag Printer or a Social Wall to nudge attendees to take to posting on their socials, or extend your reach through Virtual Photo Booths, securing digital traction for your brand, heightening event vsiibility with the use of particular hashtags and readily building a digital archive for anyone to survey later on. 

Check their spontaneity with Batak Pro

People just love Batak Pro game. It pulls the crowd like anything, and keep them engaged. Your guests need to press the lit bulbs back to back and they get points for that.

Elevation Shot Experience

No, we dont bring a guy with long arm to take the selfie. Jokes apart, elevation shot gives you a different and unique output. Try it for your next event.

Facial Recognition

With Facial recognition technology, we can create any application which you need for your next activation.

Go Posh with Golf Smiulators

Most of us have not experienced real golf, but you can provide that feeling with our golf simulators. Our team members just loved this product, we are sure your attendees will love it too.

Let them interact and get engaged

Interactive installations engage people the best, they can play all day long with these installations.

Kinect Live Background Photo Booth

Kinect is a great piece of technology. We can make many games and interactive things with it, like a kinect molecule catcher or hand gesture games etc.

Install Motion Games to engage

Wanna make the attandees compete with each other? Many possibilities are there. Let’s connect and see what suits your brand.

QR Code & RFID Registeration

We create your event website, design registeration forms, and on the event day we can setup your registeration desks. We provide printing and scanning through IPADs

Selfie with Celebrity

Augmented Reality can make your brand ambassador stand with each and every customer of yours. whom do you like Virat or Kareena?, you just name it.

Sensor Applications

Our team loves to play with chips and sensors. We can tag your products and showcase any details on a live screen. Try it for your product displays. Great for Retail brands.

Globe Photo Booth

Feel Top of the World with Sphere Photo Booth. Its an amazing concept where we provide instant printouts of your globe selfies.

Virtual Paparazzi

Who doesnt like Paparazzi? We love them, your attendees will love them too. We create virtual Paparazzi for your events.

Xylo Lanyard

Normal Lanyards are boring, let’s add some fun with LED lights. More than 100 option of lights can be planted, and controlled by us during the event. Are you bold enough to use it?

Go Viral on Social Media with Hashtag Printer

Who doesnt like Paparazzi? We love them, your attendees will love them too. We create virtual Paparazzi for your events.

Give Branded Souvenir with Selfie Photo Booth

Looking for a lifetime branded souvenir for your attendees? This product produces great results, take less space and budget friendly.

Interactive Magic Mirror Photo Booth

A 5 Feet Tall Mirror which will click pictures, print pictures and interact with your guests. 50+ templates are possible to print the pictures

Corona Proof Virtual Photo Booth

A Photo booth web link, which will work with any device anywhere in the world. Your invitees can click pictures, and customize their photos instantly. Consider it like a personalized snapchat for your event.

360 Degree Spin Photo Booth

Thank you Priyanka Chopra to make this product popular. Simple product with many possibilities to go creative and produce great videos. Guests love to share these videos on their Instagram reels and Whatsapp Status. Perfect for every gathering.

Digital Mosiac to show unity

Let your fans make a Large collage of your Logo or any image.

Physical Mosiac to make a gaint picture

You get a gaint collage of small photos which together making your logo or any image of brand’s choice.

Fun GIF Photo Booth

GIF and Boomerang Booths are awesome and touchless experience. Attendees can get them on their phone with a scan of QR code.

Hashtag Campaigns

Run a brand Hashtag Campaign and track it with our Social Media Official APIs.

Social Wall for your social interactions

Collect your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter mentions live and show case on a digital wall, and encourage others to share content (UGC) for your brand during your event.

Physical Mosiac to make a gaint picture

You get a gaint collage of small photos which together making your logo or any image of brand’s choice.

Social Wall for your social interactions

Collect your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter mentions live and show case on a digital wall, and encourage others to share content (UGC) for your brand during your event.
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