Paddle to Win: Harness the Potential of Internet of Things

Presenting, a new way to bond and rejuvenate at the next corporate get together- paddle your way to win with our IoT-based Cycling Activity and invite your buddies to a friendly competition.


Cycling Activity: Fun Interactive Game for Corporate Events

Love the idea of some constructive workplace recreation that breaks the monotony and gets everybody moving? We bring to you our innovating Paddle to Race- a stationary biking activity transformed into an interesting interactive game with the help of IoT.

The Internet of Things opens a whole new world of possibilities for event technology, design and planning. The IoT refers to a network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity, allowing them to collect and exchange data over the internet. These “smart” objects can communicate with each other and with centralized systems, enabling real-time monitoring, control, and automation of various processes and tasks. This technology can enhance audience engagement in both formal and semi-formal setups in a myriad ways, with only your imagination to limit you.

Our versatile Cycling Activity can be set up for single or multiple players and is attached to a display wall that can be programmed to show desired animation. Thus, it can be worked into either a simple peddling race wherein upto three participants can ride to the finish line or a team activity of sorts which requires all the users to combine their efforts to help complete the animation on the screen in front.

While the former brings a surge of competitive energy, the latter provides a conducive opportunity for effective team building. Either way, this IoT-based interactive game can prove a great asset in corporate settings, bringing people together, encouraging networking and social sharing and instilling brand awareness by engaging multiple senses of the attendees. Invite your guests to not only see what your business is all about, but also learn by doing, being placed more visibly with active involvement in the event’s progression.

Benefits of Cycling Activity

Novel & Innovative
The use of IoT in an embedded system that combines gamification and an interactive display offers a one-of-a-kind experience.
Brand awareness
As the paddling activity is directly reflected as desired on a screen in real-time, it is an incredible way of reaffirming your brand identity.
Team-building activity
Since the setup offers the possibility of multiple players, it makes for a great interactive session either through competition or group effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cycling Activity

Like any system built using IoT technology, the Cycling Activity also employs sensors to track motion which are fed into the respective channels to trigger the digital display.
This activity is accessible to all and very easy to use. No app downloads or special software installations are required to use it.
Yes, the system is customisable to a great extent, particularly the interactive display, to reflect your brand identity, message and unique animation upon the completion of the challenge.
Yes, IoT facilitates data collection and lead generation by inputting data, tracking users’ behaviours, preferences and average dwell time.
Rest assured, this interactive Cycling Activity is completely secure for use at any event.

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