Audience Engagement Solutions for Corporate Events

What does a successful corporate gathering entail? Captivating presentations, buzzing interactions, meaningful conversations and more- we’ve got it all! Secure your audience’s attention with our innovative and bespoke engagement solutions. 

Captivate, create and connect: ensure corporate event success

Whether purely celebratory, such as company milestones and award ceremonies, commemorative, like product launches and family days, motivational, such as incentivisation and team-building occasions, whatever the purpose, GoKapture helps you choose from among the popular, the trendy, and the highly unique engagement products and activities to solve your agenda. 


  • Community building: Corporate event engagement pivots on inculcating a community spirit among associates, customers and beyond. Whether it is through team-building exercises at internal galas or experiential marketing strategies at product launches, industry summits, etc., a sense of participation, value and belongingness goes a long way in strengthening brand value. 
  • Social sharing: Integrating social media sharing via hashtag campaigns, contests and quizzes and photobooths lends greater visibility to the event, even before and after the actual day. It helps you capitalize on contemporary trends, connect with the youth and widen your reach. 
  • Uplifting the ambiance: Fun activities and games also uplift the atmosphere of the occasion, breaking the spell of monotony, acting as breaks between sessions and overall aiding apositive event recall by delivering memorable experiences to individuals. 
  • Brand visibility: Be it at a trade fair or an inaugural event, both chief organizers and other participants wish to draw attention to their brand name in refreshing, experimental ways. This is not only so that they may exist in the periphery but locate themselves centrally in the audience’s memory through a more hands-on approach. This may be done to promote a particular product or service, or to entrench the brand in people’s life as a prominent fixture and strengthen affective linkages. 
  • Networking opportunities: Corporate events are designed to optimize communication, explore new avenues of networking and build connections across departments, companies and fields of expertise. Such dynamic information interchange is facilitated by innovative event technology, from AR Invites to interactive Event Walls, garnering interest, evoking curiosity and conveying ideas. 
  • Feedback & analytics: Strategic engagement also allows for the collection of valuable, even real-time feedback to allow organizers to make more informed decisions and finetune the experience. Furthermore, insights may be gained about user preferences and behaviours for post-event analysis. 



  • Branded takeaways: Offer your guests customised souvenirs to remember the day by, be it coupons, goodies or photo prints. Stamp these not only with adequate logo placements but a vibrant layout, a catchy logo and some relevant, event-specific hashtag to cement the occasion in the attendees’ memory. 
  • User-generated content: Motivate your guests to express themselves and take highly personalised engagement routes by participating in Bobblehead Activity or using the AI Booth. Spur them on to register their presence at your event on their socials by installing a Social Wall or a Hashtag Printer at the venue. 
  • Interactive feedback collection: Absorb your attendees in dynamic, real-time polling and Q&A sessions through touchscreen kiosks. Invite feedback, wishes and other messages through gamified activities such as the Digital Slingshot, Digital Lantern or a Floating Message Wall.
  • Engaging displays: From Graffiti Walls to individual quiz-playing kiosks, interactive displays can take many forms and are a powerful mode of visual advertising and providing information. You may also have a physical or digital mosaic wall display installed to serve as focal decor for the occasion, sparking lively conversation and the joy of community spirit. Such displays may also serve as digital signages and heighten brand awareness. 
  • Event gamification: Incorporate branded games into your event entertainment to introduce and re-introduce your brand, guarantee a fun time for all demographics, facilitate lead collection and qualification, and invigorate the crowd for continuous cheer and eventual positive event recall. 
  • Photo and video booths: Capture these precious moments through a dedicated, fun booth that is a trendy take on traditional event photography. Whether it is an AR Booth equipped with interactive elements, a glamorous 360 Video Booth for a star-studded night, or a Digital Caricature Booth that pops out instant caricature sketches for the users to take home, a photobooth acts as an ice breaker and a functional adornment to the event landscape. 

Popular Products for Corporate Events


Popular products for Corporate Events

Flip Book Photo Booth
Whoever came up with the idea of the Flipbook, is a genius.
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Bobble Head Activity
Bobble Head Activity is a great fun, and your guests will never ever forget that gift.
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Gif Photo Booth
Bored with photos? let’s create fun GIFs and share it around.Our GIF Photo Booth click 4-5 photos of your guests and combine them to create a perfect GIF, with multiple filtering options.
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Virtual Photobooth
A weblink which can be accessed anywhere on a mobile, laptop or tab in the world, to click, customize and share photos.
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