College Event Engagement Solutions for Unleashing Campus Excitement

Whether it is a felicitation ceremony or a college fest, take the campus hearthrob route in organizing the event with GoKapture’s school and college event engagement solutions. Adorn the occasion with resonant student cheer and unadulterated fun! 

Joyous students, proud faculty: event engagement ideas for institutions

At any institute of learning, whether it is a kindergarten or a vocational training centre, we are faced with the sheer immensity of energetic potential of our newer generations. The future is theirs, and thus, we understand this optimistic and overtly cheerful attitude as the premise laid for the organisation of any kind of event in schools, colleges, universities, coachings and other specialised. It is with this mindset that the GoKapture team lends its expertise to orientations, farewells, graduation ceremonies and college fests, designing events to be full of vibrant energy and resplendent with hope. Here’s how:

  • Digital signages and interactive maps: At larger events and open-entry fests, quirky digital signboards, digital maps and guides, RFID mapping and AR-assisted campus tours provide an impressive, tech-enabled event experience that refines the institution’s image and extends its appeal among the tech savvy youth. 
  • Event registration: GoKapture’s event registration software and QR code-assisted checkin allows for smart consolidation of database for pre- and post-event analytics, promotional campaigns, event reminders and overall effective communication and safety of the event. 
  • Digital art installations: Augmented Reality-powered artistic structures, gesture-controlled interactive panels and Digital Graffiti Walls are some great options to garner attention of even the most casual onlookers and turn appreciative eyes into active participation in the event. 
  • Social media hubs: Light the campus abuzz and extend your reach beyond the physical terrain of the event venue with adequate social media integration in the form of social sharing-enabled booths, quiz and polling kiosks, event-specific hashtags and the like. Connect the digital hype you amass with the physical footfall on the day of the event with products like Social Wall and Hashtag Printers
  • Photo and video booths: With custom layouts, music, hashtags and slogans and AR Filters, you can upscale event photography into a trendy, interactive session. Selfie stations can be made to reflect campus values, community spirit and unite people over precious moments. Furthermore, an AR Photo Booth or an AI Booth provide even more varied avenues for user interaction, helping generate UGC, providing space for individualistic creative expression and incorporating 3D elements to play with. 
  • Interactive game zones: Utilise VR Games or Digital Touch Games to orgainse your own campus version of an esport tournament, or feed the competitive spirit of the attendees with IoT-powered games, such as a Punching Bag activity or Spot Running. 
  • Touchscreen kiosks: Apart from giant interactive displays and the AR Mindreader setup, an economical and more individual-centered alternative is to opt for digital kiosks to provide information, organise surveys and fun quizzes, gather campus opinion, etc. 
  • Interactive event applications: Web applications, duly cutsomised, can empower students and lend their voice a place. In the form of an Event Engage Hub or a Digital Slingshot activity, you can essentially create a live record of the occasion, replete with inputs and multimedia messages from the students. Another option is the Excitometer, that unites the crowd brimming with zest to cheer and celebrate. What is especially great about these applications is their adaptability and versatility to any desired theme and layout, making it blend seamlessly with the venue’s devor and setting and attracting even the most shy, introverted attendees to observe and stay updated. 


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