Gamification Galore: IoT-Powered Batak Pro for the Win

Hit your audience engagement goals bang on with Batak Pro- refined with the innovative IoT technology. Captivate and entertain in a uniquely interesting way- by checking your reflexes- and bring out the sports junkie in you.


Batak Pro: Bring on the fun!

We’re bringing out the big guns with this one! Batak Pro serves as training equipment, meant for testing reflexes and honing them. Its multifaceted applications make Batak Pro a valuable asset for improving performance, both physically and mentally. After all, who doesn’t like a good challenge?

Originally, Batak Pro refers to an advanced reaction and coordination training system that’s widely used in various fields, from sports and fitness to cognitive therapy and corporate team-building. Typically, it consists of a wall-mounted panel embedded with responsive buttons or targets that light up randomly, and the user’s task is to hit these targets as and when they come to life. Batak Pro is renowned for its versatility and effectiveness in enhancing hand-eye coordination, reflexes, concentration, and cognitive processing speed. While athletes use it to improve their reaction times, in physical therapy it finds its use in rehabilitation exercises. In the corporate world, this equipment is used to simulate sports-like conditions with intensified pressure and employed as an engaging team-building tool that promotes quick thinking, decision-making, and healthy competition among participants.

Gamification comes naturally to human beings as our minds are always keen on making things interesting, and solving multiple purposes at once. So, our technologically updated version of the Batak Pro will act as a great addition to your interactive trade show booth activities and immersive, informative, educational and entertaining corporate event planning. Start the show and invite onlookers to take on the challenge, and see for themselves if they can react swiftly by touching or hitting the targets as they illuminate. From children to working professionals, everyone enjoys trying their hands at a quick ability test and see if they can beat their own record. With Batak Pro, you’re bound to not only amass attraction but also have people requesting to try and play again and again.

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Benefits Of Batak Pro

A novel experience
While there are all sorts of interactive games at corporate events and exhibitions these days, Batak Pro, with its professional setup and innovative technology, is bound to become a lasting memory for your audience.
Gamified interaction
Engage your attendees in this cool challenge and take away a unique experience from the event to remember your brand by.
Effective lead generation
An exciting and challenging activity such as this garners interest from miles away. Thus, you can simplify your lead collection process with this interactive game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Batak Pro

It is an embedded system with sensors to monitor the player’s performance and quickness.
You do not require any dedicated devices or app installations to use Batak Pro. It is a skill-based activity, needing no prior knowledge on behalf of the user.
Yes, our Batak Pro is completely secure and safe for use for most demographics.

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