Augmented Reality Photo booth

Pose with the stars whose posters adorn your walls, flaunt that Hawaii vacay you had been dreaming of since forever and more, only with the help of an augmented reality photo booth!


Transforming Memories: Augmented Reality Photo Booth Magic

There is little need to boast about the advantages of augmented reality and its colossal ability in unveiling the world to make people see what they never have before. And now, pack up the same technology in a compact augmented reality photo booth, and you’ve got yourself a star of the occasion that guarantees a fun experience and pops up party favours on demand.

An augmented reality photo booth will enhance the users’ photographing experience by bringing into the display 3D overlay elements and props that they can interact with. People can control the elements with hand gestures and make stunning use of backgrounds, objects and even celebrities who appear on the screen to generate fantastical photos.AR invites users into a world of fantasy, shaped only the way we’d dare to imagine. This cutting-edge technology blends the real and the virtual seamlessly to give wings to your vision.

An augmented reality photo booth software rental has especially been a game-changer for the travel and tourism and hospitality sectors as their promotional events can, with the help of AR, allow consumers to have a feel of their services while and AR photo booth punctuates the engaging activities with a solid testament of what’s on the platter. With the help of augmented reality photo booths, global brands are able to provide individual customers to seek engagement with their brand ambassadors, despite their mega stardom, at events of any scale. Furthermore, you can bring reel characters to life and attract a varied audience by offering them to get their pictures clicked with an adored cartoon character from their childhood or a superhero who inspires them.

The AR Booth serves not simply static photographs, but experiences. Make the photobooth experience dynamic and entertaining by enhancing users’ engagement and involvement in exploring what they would like for the pictures. Have them shoot dynamic pictures by interacting live with the backdrops, props, filters, characters and more. Elevate your brand presence and garner greater online buzz. Our AR Photo Booth can be fully customized with branded overlays, logos, and event themes. Leave a lasting impression by reinforcing your corporate identity or celebrating your special occasion in style. These AR-enhanced photos also spark curiosity on social media platforms and will provide greater exposure to your event.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth benefits

Unique Experience
With augmented reality, every individual is assured of an experience particular to them, based on their level of interaction with the environment and control of the booth features via hand gestures.
Branded souvenir
Augmented reality photo booths are a great source of entertainment on their own and provide keepsakes that can be branded and one can customize templates based on their needs.
Spark your creativity
Equipped with the AR technology, this AR photo booth ignites the creativity of both the organizers and their guests in coming up with innovative ways to utilize the product in the service of the occasion and in making memories worth treasuring.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about AR Photo Booth

Augmented reality presents to its audience a composite world consisting of holographic, virtual elements stitched up with real-world objects, incorporating various audiovisual features. It employs AI to gather sensory input and identify the surroundings, allowing user interaction in real time. It is used worldwide to educate, train and enhance performance, for a close analysis of physical data, problems of scale and measurement and for entertainment. The AR software processes real-world input from cameras and integrates it with digital information that may be experienced on an image platform (an AR screen), or with a lens.
Yes, the two terms refer to the same technology of superimposing constructed elements on actual reality.
With an AR photo booth, you can take a selfie with both 3D and 2D figures of your favourite celebrities or characters.
Yes, in addition to providing AR kiosks, we also created AR filters to be used on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. to help with brand promotions.
At the booth itself provisions are made to take print outs of the clicked photos and gift them to the booth users as souvenirs. Digital copies may also be obtained if requested in the email inbox.

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