Interactive Wall Software by GoKapture: The Bigger Picture

Imagine a wall that is more than mere wallpaper, more than an ornamental booth backdrop. The Interactive Wall Software colours the blank spaces of any venue into vistas of your vision. This is the modern-day update on digital kiosks and signages, enlarging them into responsive megaliths capable of housing all your interactive titbits. Here is the Mosaic Wall of your dreams- an interactive display for events that explodes with life and engagement! Be it as a Photo Mosaic Wall or a custom Feedback Wall, this dynamic hub stunningly directs the wave of attendees like an adept maestro.

What is an Interactive Wall?

You may think of it simply as an event photo display software, though that’s barely scratching the surface. An interactive event display wall is a digital wizard that houses multimedia input from the attendees, ranging from selfies to scribbled messages and feedback. It is a themed engagement hub that is installed at the event venue and is programmed for real-time updates. Typically, it is QR Code-based, meaning that the guests need to simply scan the QR Code created especially for the occasion in order to feed their input into the software, which is then showcased directly on the screen.
digital photo mosaic wall -GoKapture
digital photo mosaic -GoKapture

From a live photo display for events to interactive wall art, the event wall can take myriad shapes, swiftly transforming to take the shape of your desires. The interactive wall software can be used to design a custom digital photo mosaic wall through which you can reimagine your company logo, campaign message or any representative picture as made of hundreds of individual contributions. Alternately, it can form the basis of a digital slingshot activity, or be envisaged as a floating message wall, a digital lantern wall or a graffiti wall.

Why do events need an Interactive Wall?

Engagement on autopilot:
An unmanned photobooth? An automatically updating display wall? Yes, our event wall software, once setup, can function smoothly in the backdrop, without any intervention and monitoring, drawing in guests and gifting them unforgettable memories.
Brand visibility:

The interactive event wall is a brand activation powerhouse. It’s your playful wonderland that can be moulded to answer your precise marketing needs. As a gigantic live display that encourages attendees to interact and share, it’s an excellent addition to company events, product launches and festivals.

Digital archive:
Whether as a photo wall or a digital display coming alive with doodles, scribbles and various other hand-drawn messages, the interactive wall serves as a real-time display-cum-archive that perfectly captures the occasion’s vibe and records its greatest moments for everyone to see.

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Why should you treat your guests with GoKapture’s Interactive Wall Software?

Endless customization:
The event wall can be personalized for its display to align with the event’s overall theme, to showcase various brand elements as well as choose the type of input, overlay and animation that will go on to complete the display.
One software, many spectacles:
Our interactive wall software is a bottomless magical purse of engagement ideas- allowing you to choose from multiple avatars for your event wall. You may opt for a feedback wall, a digital slingshot-based display or branded shooting game, a floating message wall, a digital lantern, a lamp lighter, or a photomosaic wall.
Our in-house software is equipped to handle an enormity of data. So whether you’re in need of a digital mosaic grid to house a thousand pictures, or a message wall that can play up hundreds of messages at once, we’ve got you covered!
Multimedia support:
The interactive wall software by GoKapture can take text messages, handwritten input, photos and videos to liven up your event display wall.


Thank you GoKapture and team. Your platform is very easy to use. Nice.

Adri, Indonesia

Thank you so much team for the support. Event went very good. Like always enjoyed working with your team.

Sajid, Bangalore

FAQs about our Interactive Wall Software

No, the software is compatible with multiple devices, and the QR Code generated for the occasion can also be scanned for access from any mobile phone or tablet.
You can choose the screen on which to exhibit your event wall, which can range from a medium-sized smart TV screen to a gigantic LED display, depending on the size of the guest list and anticipated response.
The interactive wall is an excellent pick for company events such as family days and annual fests where the team spirit needs to be invoked, for inaugural events, fests and product launches where feedback and custom messages are greatly looked forward to, as well as for weddings and birthday parties where you can either have the photo mosaic wall software create an incredible wedding portrait or invite the blessings of guests in attendance.

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