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Ditch the endless plaper cuts, scrape off those mind-numbing spreadsheets and quit juggling with RSVPs, updates and reminders! GoKapture’s Event Registration Software is here to empower and relieve your workforce of the repetitive tasks with its smart, built-in, customizable features. Refine your event planning and management with the feasibility of online event registration and sail stress-free through piles of valuable information, updates and indispensable communication.

What is an Event Registration Software?

Banish those paper nightmares and launch into a new era of event planning. Here’s a sleek, one-stop, completely digital solution to all your event registration woes, helping you lay a solid groundwork upon which to design the rest of the event. In just a few clicks, prospective guests can sign up for your event, take a look at tiered pricing, select tickets and survey other packages, make special requests and more.

event registration platform- GoKapture
event registration software- GoKapture

What do you have to do? Well, GoKapture’s event registration platform is a fully online hub that you can customize to get yourself a neat, centralised dashboard on which all your data is carefully organized. From here, within minutes of finishing setup, you can make adjustments, manage registrations, track responses and RSVPs, schedule reminders, etc. From early bird offers and group discounts to on-site registration and badge printing, you can have it all! An online event registration software boasts of great versatility and handy information that you can utilize for effectual planning and decision-making. With valuable insights and automated reminders and other communication, you’re guaranteed to make a huge success of your event and reap greater ROI.

How does it work?

Craft your registration form:
Choose from dozens of available fields and templates to design your ideal registration platform, and embed the link on your website, create a specific registration page for the same. From T-shirt size to meal preferences, you can numerous fields to optimize planning and deliver the smoothest experience to your attendees.
Spread the word:
Advertise your custom registration link on your available channels, such as the website and social media, or even in the form of personalized invitations.
Swift sign-up:
Guests can quickly register for your event by filling out their details, having their payment processed through a secure integrated gateway and receive their very own QR Codes upon completion via both email and Whatsapp, which they can get scanned at the venue for check-in. The same can also aid badge printing and collection of kits.
View live updates on the dashboard:

Our event management platform allows you to monitor progress via real-time metrics such as the number of sign-ups vs check-ins, payment status, badges printed, event kits collected, etc.

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Why choose GoKapture’s Event Registration Software?

Go green by swapping paper with completely online registration. Tickets, payment and confirmation receipts, badges, etc. can be made available digitally.
Say goodbye to mountains of filing and paperwork and reduce the time and effort spent on registration. This allows for greater productivity and more judicious use of resources in overall event management.
Added insights:
Interest checks, RSVPs, package preferences, etc. provide tons of precious insights about the attendees that can help you plan better and prepare to deliver oodles of awesomeness without a glitch.
Automated updates:
Unburden yourself of the cumbersome task of keeping up with a steady stream of back and forth from the day of the event’s announcement to the D-Day with a scheduled bout of updates and other important reminders to keep the guests informed and build a steady momentum of anticipation.
Secure checkin: QR code based event registration
allows for swift, automated and much more secure check-in at the event venue, even without the presence of expertly trained staff.
Equipped for additional perks:
The unique QR Codes made available for every attendee allow for enhanced and faster services such as badge printing and collection of event kits, meal coupons and other goodie bags on-site.


Thank you GoKapture and team. Your platform is very easy to use. Nice.

Adri, Indonesia

Thank you so much team for the support. Event went very good. Like always enjoyed working with your team.

Sajid, Bangalore

FAQs about our Event Registration Software

From a limited seats workshop to gigantic trade fairs and music festivals, our registration software is a reliable tool to monitor and handle registrations.
The software is an excellent choice for corporate gatherings, exhibitions, campus events and conferences. It is also suited for informal, social events such as birthdays, weddings and other celebrations where the importance of RSVPs, timely communication and attendance check might ease organizational stress.
Yes, you can tailor the registration form as per your requirements, adding and deleting elements as and when needed. The dashboard will reflect the details accordingly.
One does not need any special application to access the registration link or the QR Code, which are accessible to any smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Plan smart and work smarter with our Event Registration Software!

Ready to ditch the registration drama and embrace a smoother event management experience? Wow your attendees with the reliant and steady professionalism of our in-house software. Sign up today and see how our Event Registration Software can transform your next event!

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