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How often have we imagined shedding the constraints of our bodily confines? How often has imagination led us to create alternate realities, unbound by the rules of our material present?

Enter Artificial Intelligence. With the AI Photobooth Software, you get to be more than just you.

Supplement your presence with the exhilarating possibilities of worlds hidden and remote, lost in the sands of time or yet to be born. Unlock your fountain to limitless themes, avatars, corporate headshots and stylized caricatures. With our AI Photobooth Software, you’re allowed to be greedy and to consistently dream of more.

What is an AI Photo Booth?

As Gen AI steps up its event organization game, so does the photobooth experience evolve! The AI Photo Booth is the next step in our bid to make the most of every moment, even as it is flattened in film to be cherished for an eternity. An AI-powered photobooth fuses into artful, creative event photography the booming capabilities of generative AI. The result? Instant masterpieces that seem to launch a portal into another world and will have the A to Z of your guest list raving!

An AI Photobooth Software is your magic pencil, Aladdin’s lamp, the secret recipe book, whatever you want it to be! Make a wish, dream a dream and colour it real with the magic of AI for events. Walk up the MET Gala stairs in utter flamboyance, hop on a plane for your journey to nowhere, set up your AI superhero photobooth and more. Make corporate events fun, conference interludes abuzz with curiosity and informal gatherings another level of memorable. An AI Face Swap Photobooth allows every guest, present at the venue or checking in remotely, to pose with your brand new product, get their own magical wedding portrait clicked and raise a glass in celebration at your cruise.

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Why do you need an AI Photo Booth to power your event?


Latest innovation and tech trend

Generative AI is the gift that keeps on giving, and is an evolutionary technology whose limits are only our imagination. With the AI Photo Booth, anyone can be a designer, a creator, and a dreamer.


Minimal setup cost and effort

And guess what? All this you get at a fraction of the cost, time and energy that would be required to install physical booths, create elaborate backdrops or nail the perfect costuming and props. With the AI Photobooth, you get the best output with the least hassle.


Thematic integration for an interactive photobooth experience

There’s something for everyone here, and the sheer immensity of possibilities translates into engagement on steroids. Tailor your booth experience to align with your event theme or the campaign at hand. You can incorporate the occasion’s vibe and its symbolic representation through distinct styles.


Avenue for creative UGC marketing

This democratization of photobooth experiences at events, no matter their size, adds incredible value to the content thus created. The diverse pictorial outputs testify to the richness of ideas and enthusiastic participation, translating into massive social media frenzy.


Complete customization

The AI Photobooth Software allows for absolute creative control at your end- generate themes, characters in desired styles, personalize overlays and incorporate relevant brand elements into every picture.


Brand activation strategy

Besides branded layouts on the final photos, this photobooth software can also be utilized for literal or figurative visualization of your products and services, making it ideal for new launches and heightened brand visibility.

Why choose the AI Photo Booth Software by GoKapture?

Event adaptability

From otherworldly wedding portraits to unforgettable corporate activations, you can have it all! Our software lends itself to all kinds of events, be it in-person, online or hybrid.

Customization galore

Our software allows a host of personalization options to tailor the booth for your use, including your brand logo, gallery display, overlays, dimension alterations for the pictures, etc.

Unlimited characters

The AI Booth software supports the upload of the desired number of characters as needed. You may either choose from our own in-built gallery of popular themes or create your own.

Device compatibility

The software offers seamless integration, and can be clubbed into an ipad booth, mobile devices and equipped for on-site printing.

Minimal manpower

Post-setup, our software’s cake-walk of an interface makes for an unassisted photobooth. No staff expertise is needed, and users can take selfies, pick an avatar and obtain fabulous outputs all by themselves.

User-friendly platform

Our software platform is highly intuitive and easy to use, responding to your needs and making the process a breeze!

Display and print support

There is an option to set up a real-time display of the transformed pictures as generated by the software on any screen of desired size. Additionally, you may make use of the printing option to download and print images and store for personal use.

Instant sharing

Besides taking home custom prints of the transformed photos, users can also simply scan the QR Code or request email or WhatsApp sharing and obtain digital copies of their pictures simultaneously.

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Adri Indonesia

Thank you GoKapture and team. Your platform is very easy to use. Nice.

Sajid Bangalore

Thank you so much team for the support. Event went very good. Like always enjoyed working with your team.

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