Social Event Engagement That Shines Light On Your Joys

Make your most cherished moments of celebration and commemoration picture-perfect with GoKapture’s exciting variety of photobooths, interactive games and more. Plan your gatherings to make every guest stop and smile!

Event engagement solutions for unforgettable memories

Moments of joy in our personal lives, both big and small, beg for a different kind of detail-oriented attention that understands our desire to immortalise them. From a sweet sixteen birthday bash to an indulgent housewarming party, from wedding engagements to extravagant bachelorettes, every occasion is a chance to live and love harder, to share in our happiness with our near and dear ones, and to preserve these memories in the golden book of life. 

The team at GoKapture firmly believes that such occasions are to be measured not by the guest list or the expanse of the venue, but by the passion of hearts and a spirit of joie de vivre. Thus, we help you design these events to make the best of every moment and make it last. Engage your attendees in one of the following ways and send them off with warm hearts and laughter:

  • Photo and video booths: Make a style statement out of event photography, lending it the unique colour of the occasion with our customisable photobooths. Get groovy with the 360 Video Booth, create a scrapbook in real-time with our Strip Photo Booth or deliver instant art pieces with the Digital Caricature Booth. Frame your memories with gorgeous layouts, music and hashtags and slogans of your choice. 
  • Interactive games: Another way to secure entertainment and commingling among invitees closely related or mere acquaintances, is to explore various interactive activities in which they may participate. From creating quirky Bobbleheads of their own to IoT-based games that get the energy going, gamification livens up the ambiance like nothing else. With the inputs from an MC, you can even organize a quiz or indulge the kids and oldies alike in tapping away at Digital Games
  • Interactive displays: Giant interactive display screens have revolutionised events with their decorative and functional approach in upscaling the venue’s vibe and lending thematic coherence to the event. Be it a live hashtag display such as the Social Wall, an Event Wall to showcase messages and other media, such as the Digital Slingshot or a Digital Lantern, these visual focal pieces captivate every onlooker and grant a greater sense of involvement and unity to the attendees. 
  • AR & VR experiences: Apart from thrilling AR and VR Games, these technologies can be implemented to design immersive art installations, an interactive AR Mindreader game or add to photobooth experiences with AR Filters and AR Booths.


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