Conference and Educational Event Engagement Solutions for Seamless Learning and Networking

Elevate learning, foster collaboration among peers and enhance possibilities of networking with GoKapture’s impressive and innovative suite of event technology. Refine your presentations, embolden your participation and drive your message home most effectively with our conference engagement solutions. 

Promote, captivate and engage with impressive conferences

Whether it is a college educational fair or a specialized symposium, seminar or open-discussion webinar, our diverse ideas and innovations are there to cater to any kind of formal or non-formal conferential gathering. Express your gratitude for the panellists and presenters, attract greater turnout and ensure success with the best we have to offer. 


  • Enhanced learning: Smart learning through various inputs such as visual cues, simulations and more allows one to retain by seeing and doing, and makes learning an activity of active participation, rather than about passive reception. 
  • Multimedia storytelling: By engaging multiple senses of the attendees, one enables greater retention and an affective involvement in the cause or discussion at hand. Through powerful event technology such as augmented reality, the mode of storytelling can be made the primary means of communication, be it for marketing and awareness campaigns or learning modules. 
  • Data-driven insights: Tech-boosted conferences allow for quality engagement, through which data may be gathered for post-event analytics. The same may be examined to study audience preferences and responsiveness, enabling the refinement of programs, content and services and better implementation of resources for improved ROI. 
  • Extended reach and accessibility: With the help of right event technology, such as interactive displays, Virtual Photo Booths, AR Glasses etc., you can ensure that you reach a much wider audience, across venues and the event dates. Not only do digital kiosks allow for democratized exchange of information, but virtual participation of both experts and audiences is strengthened. Panels are made fun through avatars, AR Filters and other interactive features. The event also becomes more accessible through features like real-time translation and captioning. 
  • Lead generation: Fun engagement means at conferences, such as photobooths and games also simplify the process of lead collection and qualification. They attract a large crowd of both casual visitors and actively interested parties that may be pitched to. 
  • Social sharing: Make your congregation the buzz of the town by amassing massive interaction through our customisable event technology solutions. While many photobooths come with instant social media sharing built in, there are also options like Social Wall and Hashtag Printer that motivate the attendees to use the event-specific hashtags and post online, curating the occasion’s digital archive in the process. 
  • Coordinated breaks: Avoid an information overload, and walk the path of balanced edutainment with our engagement solutions. Make sure that the breaks and tea-times are as invigorated as panel discussions and debates, and create the perfect ambiance for the audience to network and replenish themselves for what’s to follow. 



    • Light and sound management: In the way of building an ambient setting and making attractive presentations, both light and sound play an integral role. Take your inspiration from famous light and sound shows that happen in museums and historical sights, or  
    • Event registration: Don’t sweat it and organise smart with GoKapture’s Event Registration software. Keep all your data in one place and simplify ticketing, reminders and check-ins with our incredible customisation options. You may also instil curiosity by giving your invitees a glimpse of what’s to come through an AR Invite. 
  • Touchscreen kiosks: Let your guests surf freely through the available information and choose which panels to attend. Digital kiosks can help not only effectively doling out information, but also collecting relevant details, keeping the users engaged in a trivia quiz, providing a venue map and event guide. 
  • Interactive displays: From collaborative virtual whiteboards to interactive display walls and gesture-coltrolled art installations, there are numerous ways to transform your venue to embody your vision through smart screens. 
  • Game zones: Guarantee a fun time to every conference attendee through diverse interactive games, such as VR Golf Simulator or Digital Touch Games. Create a mini arcade or orgaise a team activity with IoT-enabled games such as Spot Running activity, and keep the crowd energised for the day’s happenings. 
  • Interactive apps: Bring the audience together in a resplendent show of cheers with the Excitometer, and have them present a testament of how hyped they are for the occasion. Other web application-based installations, such as the Event Engage Hub and the Digital Slingshot are helpful in gamifying lead generation and feedback collection, letting the attendees register their presence in the form of a digital scrapbook. 
    • Custom selfie stations: Arrange for a selfie with the stars, be it your brand representatives, the face of your campaign or reputed experts in a field through the fantastic AR Photo Booth. See off your guests with personalised souvenirs with a Digital Caricature or a Strip Photo Booth, or make ‘em move with the fun 360 Video Booth. 
  • AR & VR experiences: Treat the invitees to an immersive AR or VR experience, be it in the form of an AR Zoo, a virtual product trial, a virtual tour or adventure-filled VR Games such as the Roller Coaster. For an out-of-the-box, intriguing option, explore the many possibilities presented by the interactive AR Mindreader. 


Popular Products for Conferences & Educational Events


Popular products for Conferences


Digital Mosiac
All for one & one for all. Make your guests feel that they are an integral part of the event by installing Mosiac.
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Social Wall
Flaunt the social media engagment. Our Social Wall software captures Facebook Mentions, Instagram Hashtags & Twitter Hashtags to create a collage to showcase all the posts live on a digital screen.
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Magazine Photo Booth
Who doesn’t wanna come to the cover of Forbes magazine? We make that happen instantly in your events.
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360 Spin Booth
We create the best quality content with 360 freeze photo booth. With multiple camera placed all around, your guests get clicked from 20+ cameras in one shot.
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