Google India’s UX Studio Opening in Bengaluru was Lit with Gorgeous Smiles at the Selfie Booth

Google India’s UX Studio Opening in Bengaluru was Lit with Gorgeous Smiles at the Selfie Booth

July was a big month for the industry with Google’s UX Studio inauguration in Bangalore, India. This milestone achievement brought Google India a step closer to rich diversification in products and services by enabling the brightest minds within the country to come together and create.

We are all familiar with Google as the world’s most popular search engine, something that we have come to use every step of the way. Since its inception, this multinational technology company, however, has only continued to extend its horizons to provide services across artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cloud computing, etc., to name a few. Google is a global leader in innovation and helping people connect, create and collaborate.

Google India reached out to GoKapture on the occasion of its Cloud UX Studio opening on July 12, 2023. With a tagline of “Create, Innovate, Collaborate,” the occasion was a clear invitation for people to realize their dreams in making user experience thoroughly intuitive and do their bit in democratizing information exchange and technological access.

While a brand of such stature certainly needs no introduction, it is never less significant to connect meaningfully with one’s audience and community of interest. Thus, Google India solved the dual purpose of commemoration and engagement with the help of GoKapture’s Selfie Booth in Bengaluru.


The Selfie Photo Booth functioned as a promotional hub, and ensured that every click resonated far and beyond the event venue, garnering social traction and living on for days. The smartly branded souvenirs endeared the guests and generated both offline and online buzz for the event, driving the use of the event hashtag and slogan further. Such user-generated content contributes towards organic marketing and helps endear audiences to the brand all the more. It also guarantees vital post-event impact in the form of the tangible takeaways and reshares by every user.

The photobooth in Bangalore was a natural draw to all those present, and remained the light of the occasion, encouraging much interpersonal interaction and radiating positivity. A Selfie Booth is an obvious charm at any kind of occasion, and helps spread cheerful vibes and create a sense of belonging associated with the brand through the activity of clicking pictures. Photo:

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