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Marriages happen as much online as they do offline in today’s world. Its like if its not on social media it did not happen, right? And when its on social media there has to be a quirky and special hashtag for the wedding which all the guests can use while uploading the pictures.Hashtag also allows people to see all the pictures of the wedding once they start following your Wedding Hashtag.

Having a hashtag is fun but creating a hashtag which is quirky, cool and describes the marriage can be a tricky task. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind, to help you get your own wedding hashtag:

Wedding Hashtag Ideas:

  1. Mix it up

    Combine the names of the bride and groom in any order to create a new name which can be used as a hashtag. Such as Param Deep and Sakshi can be #Deepakshi or everyone’s favourite Virat and Anushka becomes #Virushka or Deepika And Ranveer becomes # Deepveer.

  2. Hit the common ground

    Look for something common between the bride and groom. Example, it could be that they are high school sweethearts giving you a cute#ClassmateToSoulmate  #HighSchoolSweethearts #BenchpartnerToLifepartner.

  3. Make it a phrase

    Link the names of the bride and groom in such a way so as to make it sound catchy. Example – Aditya and Sneha could become #AdiKiSneh or SnehKaAdi or if the surname is common example is Sood #ItsGoingToBeASoodLife or #SoodsSayIDo.

  4. Relive the college days

    Dive deep into your memories and remember that inside joke or the names which were given to the bride and groom to create that hashtag. Example- If someone is nicknamed as Don in college then it could be #DonKiShaadi  #DonIsGoingDown #DonsSaysIDo #DonGotCaughtInLove.

  5. Use the relationship

    Make a hashtag depending the kind of dynamic the bride and groom share or by using the time they have been together. Ex. For a couple that has been together for a long time #¥days(infinity days), #RefressingTheVows #LifetimeOfTogetherness. If that been together for 15 years ,#10YeartoSilverJubliee.

  6. Use the Internet

    If none of the above works for you then just go on the internet and use the several wedding hashtag generator websites. Now they might not get as fun as you want them to be but they will do the job.

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