This Jaipur Wedding is Off to a Grand Start with the 360 Degree Spin Booth and More Popular Wedding Photobooths


Come with us to take a sneak-peak into the makings of a big fat Indian wedding, this time in the gorgeous Pink City which boasted not only of heart-warming landscapes but also lovely weather in the month of February. It’s 2023, but Jaipur is never stepping down the list of India’s favourite spots for a destination wedding!

This extravaganza spanned across three days for which GoKapture provided complete photo and video booth assistance in Jaipur and made sure to seal the memories with love and care. On the first evening of the mighty gathering, basic Polaroid prints added flavor to the party and caught in HD the most unforgettable of laughters, fashion moments and dance moves!

The 360-degree Spin Booth is easily among the most popular photobooths in Mumbai, registering its presence from corporate events to birthdays and weddings. With beautiful customized templates to suit the occasion and include relevant branding details and hashtags, and an array of funky props for the users to pose with, the 360 video booth is an absolute winner. Catching the eye of all those in attendance with its vibrant setup, the booth was vital to driving engagement and cheering the crowd with infectious enthusiasm for the event.

The lunch hosted on the following afternoon was lit up by GoKapture’s fabulous two-in-one GIF & Boomerang Booth in Jaipur. As among the most popular video booths in India, it is especially loved for the options it provides to users. Not only do you get to choose between trendy GIFs and Insta-worthy boomerangs but are also provided with dozens of personalization elements to truly make every output unique, special and something that will keep the day alive in people’s minds for months to come.

For the after-party held on the same day, the guests dialed in on the fun with the Flipbook Photo Booth which delivers more with each use- just like the name suggests. Why be satisfied with just one picture at the photo booth when you can have a whole kineograph to yourself?

On the 28th of February, a carnivalesque celebration was organized to truly kick off the grand wedding in the manner of royals. The vibe was maintained justly by GoKapture’s colossal hit, the Strip Photo Booth, which churned out instant black & white prints of the guests’ pictures, just like the ones they’d be offered at an actual carnival. Photo strips are an old but gold means of locking-in safely the memories close to one’s heart.


It was followed on the evening of the same day by the sangeet, which dissolved into hours of dancing and merry-making. This event was catered to by the finest of videobooths, the 360 degree spin booth in Jaipur, which is ideal for recording people on-the-move. Going for a Cinderella spin in the outfit of your dreams? Or perhaps, shaking a leg with that uncle who’s nailed that Bollywood ka thumka? The 360 video booth has got you covered!

Be it a college fest, a university brunch or an academic conference, it is imperative to add to the event a fun element that will not only appeal to students but also invite the faculty members and administrative staff to unwind. For conferences, exhibitions and other college events, you may set the tempo with a Hashtag Printer, Strip Photo Booth or keep the fun going with the GIF & Boomerang Photo Booth. GoKapture also offers Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality rentals that are expertly customized to provide edutainment at your next educational event. With GoKapture, make sure that your story is heard. Call us to book: 99637025578886666793

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