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Struggling to turn heads at a trade fair? Or suffering from the lack of energy at a conference? In these times of fleeting attention spans and intensifying competition for one’s time, it is essential that one revitalizes their marketing strategy by showcasing value. And what might that be? Understanding, respect, recognition and a good time. These are the ingredients of successfully captivating your audience and keeping them buoyed for what’s to come through the course of the event.

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Why choose GoKaptureHub?

A built-in mine of event engagement ideas:
Our software suite is an arsenal of tools that you can mould into a fun, immersive interactive session to charm your guests. From the jack-of-all-trades AI Photobooth to an animated Feedback Wall, you’ve got it all.
Event ideation, design and management support:
We understand that every occasion is uniquely special for the organizers. Whether it is a milestone celebration or a networking opportunity, our engagement softwares are at your disposal to etch out a befitting, bespoke event experience to every attendee.
Whether it’s a routine departmental affair, a private workshop or a massive gala or trade fair anticipating a crowd of thousands, each of our softwares is built to smoothly handle the load and keep you from breaking a sweat. So whether you’re in need of a multi-session event registration platform or a Photo Mosaic Wall to light up with a thousand smiles, GoKaptureHub is at your service.
Gamification that gets the party going:
Our software solutions are thoroughly engaging and incorporate various event gamification principles to do so. Be it making a team activity out of completing the mosaic wall or aiming for a perfect shot with the digital slingshot, we’re running high on energy.
Customization galore:
From custom event registration forms with dozens of specific fields to branded takeaways and themed interactive event walls, each of our offerings ensures that the ball is in your court and you can deliver the match-winning hit!
Bass-boosted insights:
While our event registration platform dashboard rounds up all the key information to judiciously dole out resources and make smart decisions, you can also obtain valuable insights for post-event analytics from the use of the event wall and AI Booth softwares.
Brand activation on fire:
Thematic integration in displays and characters, product placement, logo, colour and hashtag customization are some of the key pathways of heightening brand visibility, as offered by our software suite.
The networking paradise:
The creativity and dynamism of the AI Photo Booth, as well as the real-time showcase of the interactive event wall easily amplify the joyful ambiance, bringing people together and sparking conversations while making beautiful memories.
Create, connect and collect precious memories by transforming your events with GoKaptureHub! Sign up now and explore a new world of possibilities that will help unlock your business’s yet untapped potential.
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