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About us

Traditionally photo booths are bulky to transport and tough to place in the exact location where they would ideally work best. GoKapture, with its state of the art photo booths, gets rid of all these problems. Our photo booths are sleek and stylish, and yet spacious enough for a gang of ten to fit in with ease.

You can choose from any of our hi-tech photobooth options. We are sure that you will find them at par with the latest that is there in the industry, and is something that will fit in perfectly with your theme or brand idea. Of course we aim to wow you with the mindblowing options that come with our GreenScreen and MagicMirror photobooths, but more than that we pride ourselves in our team of technicians and managers, who will be at the venue to ensure great service and a seamless experience.

What you get with GoKapture

  • Onsite technicians and service staff for a glitch-free experience
  • Unique props that add to the flavor of the event
  • Awesome visual experiences to amplify the fun quotient
  • Top-end cameras, lighting and printers
  • Custom graphic logo and text on the picture prints
  • Custom solutions to suit your theme or brand image

Our booths

Magic Mirror Photobooth

It’s not called a ‘Magic’ Mirror Booth without reason. Besides being the most technologically advanced booth in the industry, the full length mirror is also interactive. You can use it to write a message or a caption and engage your guests through screen prompts and voice messaging. Unique and stylish, the Magic Mirror Photo Booth makes the entire experience a memorable one for your audience.

DSLR Selfie Photobooth / GIF Photobooth

When you want to create an experience which is a step ahead of the regular, the GIF Photobooth gives you a fabulous option of capturing stills or GIFs or both to help tell your brand story better. You click a photo or take a GIF for which the link is shared instantly on sms or email, and voila, you have branded content ready to share. You can either book the GIF as a stand alone booth or as an add-on to your regular photo booth.

Green Screen Photobooth

With a Green Screen Photobooth, you can superimpose any backdrop to your picture, ranging from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal. So if you want to create immersive scenes, snap a photo and choose a backdrop that you wish to be superimposed. You get the link to the picture instantly on your mail or sms. And you can have yourself in front of any scene in the world that you wish to have as a backdrop.

Hashtag Printer

Hashtag Printer enables you to have your fans create content for you by clicking their selfies on their own phones and sharing them on Instagram. Hashtag Printer gives them an instant print of their picture for doing this. And what do we have, happy fans of your product and a happy brand, which has the event hashtag shared multiple times with these selfies, something that gives you a great social reach.