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Things to Consider before a Photo Booth Rental

The popularity of Photo Booths has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and Photo Booth rentals are now considered to be an essential component for a wedding celebration, birthday party or any corporate branding event. Apart from the fun quotient that a Photo Booth rental lends to the event, it is also considered to be a tried and tested method in bringing guests together. Before you choose your Photo Booth rental package, here are a few things to consider.

Check various Photo Booth ideas that make your party rock

Photobooths have changed the entire party landscape and how! Whether it is Wedding, Birthday Party or a Corporate Event, Photo Booths are becoming increasingly popular at parties of all kinds. There are plenty of Photbooth ideas and Photobooth options in India that you can choose from to enhance the theme and flavour of any party.

Check if your venue is suitable to accommodate the Photo Booth

This is a prime consideration for photo booth for weddings, birthdays or for that matter, any corporate event. See whether the hall or restaurant or open grounds that you have chosen as a site for the event has enough space to accommodate a Photo Booth.

Check if the Photo Booth fits in with the overall aesthetic of your event

A Photo Booth rental for a birthday party is going to have a different feel to it as compared to one for a wedding. It’s important to weigh in the space and the feel you want to create. Does the Photo Booth fit in with your theme and does it complement the overall aesthetic of your event? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

Track record of the Photo Booth Rental Company

There have been instances when a particular Photo Booth Company gives you a great offer, registers your booking with the advance deposit. They finally cancels it just a few weeks or days before the event simply because someone else is paying a bigger price. That is why you need to do a background check on the company that you are hiring. Find out the number of events they do each year. Ask for testimonials of the clients who’ve availed of their services earlier. Established companies will be more ethical and when they are hired on a date, that date is then gone from their diary.

Availability of Photo booth Props and their appropriateness

Photo Booth Rentals usually include the price of props. Depending on the Photo Booth rental package you select, you’ll get a range of fun props for your guests to pose with. You need to ask the Photo Booth company the kind of props they offer so that you can ascertain if they are in sync with your event. Also, you could make a special request for any specific props if you have a particular theme for your event. You need to ask if an extra charge would be made for the same.

Costs, concessions and offers

Everyone wants to grab a good deal and keep costs down when planning a party. You need to be sure that you are actually getting a deal and not getting sweet talked into choosing a Photo Booth by a smart sales pitch. Expect transparency about pricing from your supplier. If the pricing strategy of the Photo Booth company is wildly erratic or well below the industry norm, then you need to watch out. A percentage of total cost is usually taken before the event, at the time of booking the Photo Booth.

Take a look at their social media pages

If the Photo Booth Rental company is doing some good work, then they will be putting it up on their social media site for sure. This will give you an insight into how effective they are in terms of adding value to any event. If they are displaying content to an engaged group of followers, it means they are delivering what they promise. Little content or just unrelated random content is a forewarning that they may not be as efficient as they claim to be.

Images and/or videos of their work

Ask the Photo Booth company to send you images and videos of their work. Scrutinize each of the samples of the work that they have sent to determine the finesse of their services. Analyse the work based on questions such as - How does their work stand out? Is it well presented? Is their adequate attention to detail? Does it demonstrate a true reflection of the service they’ve described?

Customization and branding

For any corporate event, it is imperative that the Photo Booth offers you customization and branding. This could be about logo placement on pictures or a backdrop with your brand’s name highlighted prominently or custom skins for the kiosk itself to showcase your brand’s look and feel.

Instant social media sharing technology

Photographs are a powerful medium for marketing and the easiest way to leverage it is to use a Photo Booth. Branding photos with your logo would be meaningless if they can’t be shared organically on social media. An event, be it corporate or social, needs to make use of social media. Therefore opt for a Photo Booth rental that allows your guests to instantly share their pictures online. Ask your vendor if you can share pics instantly on FB, Instagram and Twitter. Hashtag is to social media as engine is to a motor car, so try and get a Photo Booth that enables you to include your event hashtag in every tweet or picture uploaded to your Facebook album.

Quality equipment and technology

A very crucial component of your research before hiring a Photo Booth rental company is to compare Photo Booth companies based on the quality of their equipment. A professional camera that takes high definition shots is the basic minimum. If you want to personalize the kiosk with a custom kiosk-skin, make sure that this is of top-notch quality as well – durable, and with no bubbling or transparency issues.

Quality/size of printed photos

Photographs are great keepsakes, so you have to be sure that the print quality is at par with what you’d get in a printing lab. If the prints are of lower quality, there is a risk of smudging, gradual fading, or lack of clarity. Ask the vendor to show you the quality of print that they offer.

Consultation and customer-service

The quality of customer service is a key consideration when you rent a Photo Booth. You need to figure out whether your preference is a stand-alone Photo Booth, or one that comes with an attendant. An attendant can be of great advantage at the event. Attendants are great facilitators, they keep the guests engaged, and in case of if any technical difficulties, they are there to resolve them. Look for a vendor who you can consult with and from whom you can get the right guidance.

Handling breakdowns and mishaps

Things can go wrong in any event, be it due to failings in managing the administration, someone’s illness or breakdown of equipment. You need to ask the vendor who would take charge if any such issue occurs. There should always be one or two people apart from the one you are consulting with to deal with any unforeseen situation that may cause disruption to the functioning of the Photo Booth. Ask for a contingency plan in the event of things going awry.


You should entrust your Photo Booth with a business which has shown tangible evidence of its credibility and reliability. The Photo Booth company should have systems, checks, and processes to deliver a Photo Booth experience exactly as the one that they been promise at the time of booking.