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Photobooth Ideas to make your party rock

Photobooths have changed the entire party landscape and how! They are becoming increasingly popular at parties of all kinds – be it a wedding, a baby shower or simply a fun get together with or without the occasion of birthdays, anniversaries and the like. There are plenty of Photbooth ideas and Photobooth options in India that you can choose from to enhance the theme and flavour of any party.

Photobooth for weddings

Mirrors in Frames wall

Make it a splash of colours with mirrors in bold coloured frames, add a dash of the Indian splendour with all kinds of flowers put up alongside. And voila, you have a photobooth that inspires your guest to pose before the ornate, vintage or modern frames – and cherish the picture as much as the backdrop for these pics.

photo booth for wedding

Floral themed photobooth

There are many ways to do this. You can go in for a wall draped with the traditional marigold flowers.

photo booth ideas for wedding

Or you can make it more subtle and romantic with garlands of roses and mogra to not just look great visually but also smell divine.

floral themed photo booth

Or you can make it more subtle and romantic with garlands of roses and mogra to not just look great visually but also smell divine.

You could even use a jhoola (swing) and deck it up with orchids and gladioli and swing away to glory as you and your guests pose for pictures.

photobooth ideas

Bollywood themed Photobooth

Everyone loves Bollywood and you could add a lively touch with desi props that have been used in movies and use funny dialogues from films to jazz up your photo booth. You could even have cut-outs of some scenes from iconic movies to give your guests their favourite actors to pose and get clicked with.

wedding photo booth props

A Graffiti inspired photo booth

A Graphic Art wall is ideal for conveying the theme of the wedding with the fun quotient rolled in. You could make it totally old school mentioning family names and the timeline of the story that led up to the wedding.

wedding photo booth ideas

Or you could make it very real as it appears on the spray painted walls in the Americas. Just throw in a vintage scooter and you have the picture complete.

photo booth prop ideas

A chalkboard Photobooth

And if you want to keep it simple, you can go the chalkboard way and have a pbotobooth that is all about you and your beloved and your journey till the wedding mandap.

party photo booth ideas

Cut out Faces Theme

This theme has been in vogue for a long time now. All you need is life size cut-outs of characters and you and your guests can just fit in your faces on these cut-outs and have some crazy laughs, if these cut-outs happen to be funny ones.

photo booth frame ideas

Social Media inspired photobooth

Give your wedding photobooth greater swag with social media inspired backdrops. Your props can range from your wedding hashtag, things you and your partner love or simply hashtags from the occasion. You could use an all-white décor with plants to keep it fresh and natural looking

birthday party photo booth ideas

Or you could have a complete setting with colourful sofas and chairs, and captions on blackboards to give it the quirky touch.

photo booth ideas diy

Photobooths for Parties

You want to give your party a fun swirl, add a photo booth to it. Here are some fun ideas for photobooths for parties.

photo booth backdrop ideas

The Story Book Photo Booth

Make it dreamy, make it fairy tale-like. Even if you do not have a fairy tale themed party, this photobooth is one that will touch the soft side of each one’s heart. You could do an Alice in Wonderland or a Cinderella or a ‘Mad Hatters Party’ themed photo booth as shown in this picture.

christmas photo booth ideas

The blingy fairy lights booth

Make a small boxed up compartment with sheer curtains and put a whole backdrop of fairylights to get the bling going. Have a board that leads to the photbooth so that your guests know that there is a special place for them to click their pictures.

photo booth design ideas
wedding diy photo booth ideas

Living Room in the middle of nowhere

If you are having a party outdoors, get the indoors outside, complete with a sofa and knick knacks and decorative pieces that adorn the walls. Hang some lights ans you have a perfect setting for a ‘living room in the middle of nowhere’photobooth.

photo booth ideas for events

Paper Umbrellas Photbooth

They are colourful, pretty and fuss free. Throw in a whole bunch of them in varied hues and colours and you have a photobooth ready for your party guests.

wedding photo booth backdrop ideas

There are loads of other photobooth ideas that you can innovate with and play around. Make sure they are in sync with your personality, your guests and the overall theme of the party.